ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Jennifer Mullen-Berube

The ACU Employee Spotlight series features some of the many people that work at the credit union, highlighting how their unique roles help members and the community every day.

Ensuring an organization’s brand is impactful, consistent and easily recognized is an essential part of connecting with its audience. It takes everyone to bring a brand to life and capture all the nuances of its use. At ACU, this is just one of the things that Chief Brand & Innovation Officer Jennifer Mullen-Berube oversees on her team of approximately 100 employees.

As part of the executive leadership team, Jennifer combines 25 plus years of experience in the finance industry with her ability to lead and coach team members to reach their full potential. With the ultimate goal of ensuring a winning proposition for all stakeholders through values-based banking and the credit union’s triple bottom line (people, planet and prosperity), every day brings new challenges that she’s excited to tackle. 

Let’s learn more about Jennifer’s leadership journey, her advice for others interested in following a similar path, and her view on the future of our ACU community. 

Getting to know Jennifer

Question (Q). How long have you worked at ACU? 

Almost 10 years.  

Q. Describe a “day in the life” of your role. 

Every day is magical due to the diverse requirements for my role. Sometimes, I’m dealing with a member-related strategy or task, sometimes governance, other times people, technical, digital, strategy, segmentation or operations requirements. The unique breadth of my role intrigues me on a daily basis. I wake up every morning with anticipation of what the day will bring.

Q. What is your favourite part of working at ACU? 

I absolutely love the fact that our corporate strategy is so closely aligned to ACU’s values, mission and vision, which defines how we work to advance the goals of our member-owners, employees and communities.

Jennifer Mullen-Berube making a delivery to One Just City
Jennifer making a delivery to One Just City during ACU’s Community Response Drive in 2020.

But the real gift is our people. I am grateful every day for the people that I work with in the organization. Specifically the amazing Brand & Innovation team and how they consistently show up to help ACU achieve its goals. From creative solutions to valuable insights, each of them brings their individual unique experiences and valuable expertise to the table every time, and I am so proud to work with all of them.

Q. What’s a fun fact about yourself that most people wouldn’t know? 

Most people I work with now know this but I love cars. Unique cars, fast cars, all types of vehicles, really. I dream about “van life” for my retirement and am looking forward to seeing more of our amazing world. I also enjoy all things outdoors and look forward to connecting with nature and watching wildlife as much as possible (except snakes, spiders and frogs!).

Helping others kickstart their careers:

Q. How did you get started in the financial industry?

I got started early on in my career as a loan administrator at a local credit union.  

Q. How has your role evolved since you started? 

I’m further along in my career now, and over the years, I’ve moved around creating my professional “toolkit” in financial services along with a focus on continuous learning, eventually reaching where I am today. It hasn’t been a straight path, but rather a winding road of adventure every step of the way. And this has been an adventure I’m truly grateful for having!

Q. What advice would you give to someone interested in a job like yours? 

Commit to continuous learning and adapt, be prepared to take unexpected pivots and move laterally when it makes sense to pursue your own goals and dreams. But no matter what, get everything you can out of the role you are in, no matter what it is. There is always something to be learned and cherished every day, so remember those moments and record the highlights, including wins and blunders.

Jennifer Mullen-Berube honouring Kirstin Witwicki, Aabita Mishtadim Ikwe (Half Horse woman), a third-generation residential school survivor, at a special blanket ceremony held at The Lodge at The Forks in 2021.

Q. Why would you encourage people to work at ACU in particular? 

The people are phenomenal and make ACU who we are as an organization. Everyone wants to work alongside great people; when you combine that with our mission and vision, our work is inspiring and aspirational.

Q. What brings you the most joy from being part of ACU? 

I love contributing to making a difference and working with a group of people that are all focused on the same goal and are so dedicated to achieving that together. I’m inspired that ACU is bigger than banking and is a global leader modelling a force for good.

The future of our community

Q. What excites you about the positive changes happening in our community?

What excites me most right now is coming out of this pandemic together and reconnecting in multifaceted ways. We all have our own pandemic experience, but the one thing we all have in common is that every one of us is looking forward to brighter days ahead.

Q. What does “Money doing more” mean to you?

Money doing more means so much; for me as an employee and also a member, for our employees and for our member-owners and communities, this phrase is all about helping people achieve their dreams. Money doing more grounds us to our values and guides us in making decisions and achieving our goals.

Q. What’s the most exciting thing to come in the future of credit unions?

The future is exciting, as we are facing a strategic inflection point within the credit union system and working to make the right decisions to create a bright future for all credit unions. Another great example of Money doing more; using our business as a force for good that helps ensure the credit union system remains strong.

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