Kat Attwell

With almost 20 years experience at ACU, Kat Attwell has been helping members realize their financial potential through investments, financing and loans. Now as Corporate Risk Officer, she works with ACU branches to educate staff on fraud prevention while also handling fraud inquiries to help protect members and the credit union. Outside of the office, Kat enjoys playing soccer and has been known to have a green thumb — making the most of her Manitoba garden.

17 Tips to Protect Your Account From Online Fraud

Online fraud can take many forms, and deceitful scammers are experts at manipulating people to fall into their traps. It’s critical that you become aware of the current risks. Whether snared…

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Don't fall victim to these types of fraud

Don’t fall victim to these 5 types of fraud

Unfortunately, fraud and scams are still an ongoing risk in our day-to-day lives. Whether the bad guys are stealing passwords, creating fake profiles or posing as potential employers, these fraudsters…

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lost my smartphone

What should I do if I lost my smartphone?

“Oh no, I lost my smartphone!” It’s a horrible feeling to lose a valuable piece of equipment, whether it was misplaced or swiped up by the wrong hands. Smartphones aren’t…

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Financial literacy programming through SEED Winnipeg

SEED Winnipeg and ACU: Building community and financial literacy

It can be challenging for low-income individuals to get ahead financially, especially when they don’t have access to basics like personal identification or a bank account. The partnership between SEED Winnipeg…

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SEED Winnipeg’s Asset Building Programs are changing lives

In part one of this story, we explained the benefits of programming delivered through SEED Winnipeg and ACU that helps lower-income families boost their finances. The organization’s Asset Building Programs…

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How to use a mortgage calculator
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How to use a mortgage calculator to budget better

Learn how to use ACU’s mortgage calculator to figure out how much mortgage you can afford, and what budget you should set before you start house hunting. A mortgage lender…

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