Archangel Fireworks Dazzles Locally and Globally

Trying to be unique in a competitive industry can be a challenge. But with the right mix of talent and desire for success, Archangel Fireworks has become a recognized name both locally and globally.

With over 20 years of experience in  pyrotechnics, President Kelly Guille has built a successful reputation for exceptional and imaginative firework displays.

“This industry can be very aggressive. It’s important to put yourself out there and take a few chances,” says Guille. “We’ve gained significant recognition by participating in international competitions; branching out to new industries such as film; and exploring new and creative ideas for shows. Taking a few risks here and there has paid off in the end.”

Guille also knows having a talented, dedicated team who cares about their creations is equally important. With five full-time employees and 30-40 part-time employees during busy seasons, there is lots of action behind the scenes. “You have to make sure your employees are well taken care of. They are the heart of all our shows,” says Guille. “We are very proud of our staff and recognize them for all their hard work and creative ideas.”

Archangel Fireworks Dazzles

Archangel first made a mark for itself in 2007 at “Celebration of Lights,” a prestigious international fireworks competition, held in Vancouver. “We were the first ever prairie-based pyrotechnics company invited to compete,” says Guille. “Just being invited was a proud moment for us.” Archangel took home top honours; beating out companies from around the world which was a big feat for the local, Winnipeg-based company.

Archangel Fireworks has gained a reputation for quality displays and shows across Canada and the world. But even with international success, supporting local business whenever possible is very important to Guille. “I really try to support the local community as much as I can, from the food I eat to the people I employ,” he says.

“Choosing a financial institution with those same values was important to me. When we started up, the big banks were all promising to support small businesses, but they didn’t live up to their word,” he says.

“Credit unions are different. They are willing to work with and support local business.”

From the moment they first opened their doors in 2004, Archangel has been banking with a credit union. “We started out when it was Buffalo Credit Union [merged with Assiniboine in 2008] and Assiniboine has been very helpful along the way. We are very proud to bank with an organization that cares about our communities.”

From hand-picked fireworks from around the world to supporting the local community, Archangel has the heart and soul that makes it a unique and successful company.

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Bill Dinsdale is a Senior Community Account Manager at ACU. Bill's role in the ACU Community Financial Centre (CFC) is to assist non-profits, co-operatives, and social enterprises through financing and account management, specializing in non-profit housing.

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