Matt Cohen

Matt is a Winnipeg-based marketer and investor who covers the Canadian financial services industry.
Investing during a pandemic

Should COVID-19 inform your future investing?

After a year of uncertainty, the world is starting to shift back to calmer water. Or perhaps we’ve just gotten used to the crashing waves. Either way, if you’ve adjusted…

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Dennis Cunningham, ACU

ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Dennis Cunningham

The ACU Employee Spotlight series features some of the many people that work at the credit union, highlighting how their unique roles help members and the community every day. In…

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Construction Loan Financing with ACU

Tips for successful construction loan applications

How do you get a loan for your business’s construction project? What kind of down payment do you need? And how can you give yourself the best chance of qualifying…

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Socially Responsible Investments

Socially responsible investments have taken centre stage: Impacts of COVID-19

Ethical investing allows you to support companies that take a socially responsible approach to their operations. While the concept isn’t new, the opportunities for aligning with businesses that share your…

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