buy or lease office space

Should I buy or lease office space?

Similar to choosing a place to live, you have options when setting up your business location. And the biggest decision could be whether to buy or lease an office space. …

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ACU invests in Jubilee Fund’s new Rent Guarantee Program

Jubilee Fund’s new program is aiming to secure affordable housing for women and children experiencing barriers to finding a safe place to call home. Everyone deserves a safe place to…

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how to spend less

How to spend less: A low debt, no regret lifestyle

Lisette Calveiro paid a high price for living a lie on Instagram. Despite PR jobs in New York and Miami, she racked up $10,000 in debt by her mid-20s, overspending…

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ACU named top Manitoba employer and greenest employer for 2023

More and more Canadians say they want their financial decisions to reflect their values, including those associated with climate change. Employees, too, value working for a company that reflects their…

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Smiling boy holding a model of earth

Why joining ACU makes a difference in your community

When it comes to creating a sustainable future for all, it’s important for organizations to walk the talk. Members who join ACU can feel good about contributing to sustainable communities…

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Man on video call with mortgage specialist

How getting pre-approved can help you own a home faster

Whether it’s your first time in the housing market or you’re a homeowner with previous experience, buying a new home is an exciting prospect—but it’s also a process that takes…

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