Awakened Spirit — The Art of Connecting

Earlier this year I had the privilege of being invited to showcase my artwork in a two-month long art exhibition —Awakened Spirit at Neechi Commons.

 Awakened Spirit at Neechi Commons

Neechi was the perfect venue for my exhibition; I could feel the amazing energy and an inspiring sense of community pride all around me. It has become quite a welcome gathering place for the Point Douglas and North End community and I appreciate their vision of providing a location that showcases aboriginal artists.

Overall, it was a great experience.  My work was exposed to new people both locally and internationally; I conquered my fear of speaking in public; and I made meaningful connections in the community.

It was such a great pleasure to have Lisa Delorme Meiler’s work grace the walls of Neechi Commons from January to mid-March of this year.

Lisa’s landscape images are filled with an emotion and power that mix and meld across the canvases in thoughtful brush strokes. Lisa’s work lent a beautiful magical atmosphere to our mezzanine gallery. It has the ability to encompass and draw in all of our patrons, from every economic background and social area, reminding people of home, or the north, of a dream, or a wish… It will be a great pleasure to host another event with new works of Lisa’s. I hope she’s busy painting.”

— Arlea Ashcroft, Operations Manager & Curator, Neechi Nichef Neechi Commons

Sharing the Stage

During my two-month long exhibition, there were so many other great events happening at The Commons and my work served as a backdrop for many of them. Here are but a few examples:

 Awakened Spirit at Neechi Commons

Walking With Our Sisters, 3rd Winnipeg Community MeetingRebecca Belmore’s — TRACE project for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR)

I was especially delighted that my artwork was on display during the Canadian Museum for Human Rights press conference, featuring internationally acclaimed artist, Rebecca Belmore.

— Lisa Delorme Meiler

Being Exposed

February 8 was the day I finally I conquered my fear of public speaking. I successfully delivered my first artist talk, and even managed not to faint! For anyone who knows me, this was a big step forward for me. During the talk I shared my journey with paint and interacted with the audience.

 Awakened Spirit at Neechi Commons

Meaningful Connections

One of the most significant connections I made as a result of the exhibition was with Wahbung Abinoonjiiag Inc. Wahbung is a Winnipeg North End organization that empowers children and their families to break the cycle of violence. I was asked to be a member of the Steering Committee for the Building Leaders in Women of Tomorrow program which provides leadership training for aboriginal girls and young women. My hope is that my contribution will help inspire young women to be passionate about the arts and community and help them realize their potential in becoming leaders.

Having Lisa Delorme Meiler involved with the Building Leaders in Women of Tomorrow has provided young Aboriginal girls and women with the opportunity to express their inner voice through creative outlets. Lisa’s artistic influence and genuine heart has created a platform for these women; a platform from which to build skills and showcase leadership within their own community. I am a firm believer that strong women means strong communities and with the involvement of a profound artist such as Lisa Delorme Meiler, young girls and women are empowered and impacted in a truly significant way”.

— Jana Gauthier, Building Women Leaders of Tomorrow Co-ordinator

After the show, I heard from many people who had attended the exhibition and the artist talk. So many people reached out, sharing their own personal stories of what my paintings meant to them. It was an incredible and rewarding experience. The paintings I create come from a personal place, so to have people connect and resonate with something I’ve created is very meaningful.

Miigwetch! (Thank you!)

Thanks to all who attended Awakened Spirit, especially my colleagues at Assiniboine, for all the support and encouragement. It has been great to connect with people who share the same affinity and passion for the arts as I do. And a big Miigwetch to Neechi Niche for building a vibrant aboriginal arts community that showcases aboriginal artists and for the opportunity to showcase my art. Without the exhibition and the exposure, I may not have made the same connections I did.

Future Adventures

I’m not sure what the future holds for me in the art world, but if you’re interested in seeing what I do and following my adventures, you can visit my website at I frequently post about what I’m working on, and will post about new events I’m involved in.

About Lisa Delorme Meiler

Lisa, a Brand & Campaign Specialist at ACU, is an accomplished Graphic Designer and Fine Artist. She is also an Indigenous Leadership Circle Member at ACU, an employee-led group of employees passionate about Reconciliation. Her career at ACU spans nearly two decades and has been a creative industry professional for nearly three decades. When she isn't pursuing her creative passions, she is busy enjoying the great outdoors and the company of family and friends (human and furry).

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