Do I really need renter’s insurance?

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This is a guest post from Kelly Melchor, Executive Director of Winnipeg Insurance Brokers. Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited is a fully-owned subsidiary of Assiniboine Credit Union, which means we can offer ACU members a special group insurance program, with discounts on home insurance!

If you’re renting your home, whether it be a house, condo or apartment, insurance is still critically important. Having coverage will ensure that, if something were to happen in your rental, you and your belongings will be protected.

Homeowner? If you own your place, you’ll want to review the home insurance options and make sure you’re properly covered.

Renter's insurance

What does renter’s insurance cover?

Renter’s insurance (also known as “tenant insurance”) protects you in the event of:

  • Accidental damage to the property you’re renting
  • Any unintentional bodily injury to others that occurs at your rental
  • Damage or theft to your belongings worldwide
  • Any damage you inadvertently cause to your building or to surrounding units
  • The cost of alternative living arrangements if you can’t live in your rental because of a claim

Protecting your rental is also extremely affordable – some policies are as low as $15 per month. That’s definitely worth the peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

What other renter’s insurance options should I consider?

Much like property insurance, there are options available to you to enhance your coverage, for example, protecting you from sewer backup or loss of special contents such as jewelry and electronics. Be sure to find out what’s the best option for your situation.

What if I don’t have renter’s insurance?

Not having property insurance for your rental unit carries some significant risks, such as:

  • Major financial and property loss
  • Lawsuits (if there was any negligence on your part)
  • Lease termination (if renter’s insurance is a requirement)

Considering property insurance is affordable and easy to secure, so there’s no reason to leave yourself open to these significant risks.


If you’re looking to get renter’s insurance (tenant insurance) for your property, with Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited you will work with professional and experienced Insurance Consultants to cover any type of dwelling. Reach out today to get a quote.

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Kelly Melchor’s professional life has been happily spent in the insurance industry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree in Finance and Marketing, she started her career with one of Canada’s largest insurance companies. Over the years she gathered experience across a multitude of different product lines in various sales, strategy, and leadership roles working with large organizations in the insurance and financial services sector, and garnered enhanced skills and knowledge upon the completion of her Master’s of Business Administration degree majoring in Innovation Leadership. She found her home at Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Ltd. in 2018 as Executive Director. Outside of work Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, and loves to travel, read, and attend entertainment and sporting events.

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