Lisa Delorme Meiler’s Paintings Inspire at Neechi Commons

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This often-repeated idiom reflects Assiniboine Credit Union employee Lisa Delorme Meiler’s vision for her art. And starting in February, her talent and inspiring artwork will be on display at the Awakened Spirit Art Exhibition at Neechi Commons.

Lisa Delorme Meiler

 My art resonates differently with each person, each having different perspectives and viewpoints of what they see in the images I paint. My hope is that my paintings prompt an emotional response and open the door to people’s own imagination, uniquely connecting them in their own way, to my work.

During the day, Lisa puts her artistic talent to work as a graphic designer in Assiniboine Credit Union’s Marketing and Communication Department. Her vision and skill has helped Assiniboine define its brand for years. In fact, Lisa was the lead designer for this site!

The Artist Awakens

Lagoon Storming

Four years ago, without formal fine arts training, Lisa picked up a brush and began painting. Her intention was never to showcase the artwork outside the walls of her home studio, but through the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to display her art publicly for the first time this past August. With over 100 people in attendance, including many of her ACU colleagues, Lisa’s first art show was a huge success.

I have always appreciated Lisa’s designs demonstrated in the development of our annual reports, stakeholder presentations and marketing materials but was truly blown away by her artistic talent when I attended her inaugural art show – who knew!

– Audrey Maeren, VP Strategy and Corporate Governance

Lisa’s work has the extraordinary ability to capture you and then take you to your own special yet familiar places.

– Kim Champion Taylor, Director Market Driven Organization Initiative

Inspired by Neechi Niche

Not long after her first successful show, Lisa visited Neechi Commons to congratulate Russ Rothney, a former co-worker and a driving force behind the new co-operative enterprise, on their opening. While exploring the impressive, newly renovated building in Winnipeg’s historic north end, Lisa found her way to Neechi Niche Store and Gallery. Lisa, who is of Métis heritage, marveled at the culturally rich collection of items on display and for sale. “I found many items there that reminded me of my childhood, like beautifully hand-crafted moccasins and jewelry.  There was so much beautiful art work, crafts and more. I began speaking with a person in the store, and as it turns out, she was the curator at the niche.” After learning that Lisa painted, curator Arlea Ashcroft asked Lisa to see her work and eventually invited Lisa to do a showing at the Niche. “I was elated that my work would be featured in a gallery showcasing amazing aboriginal artists, authors and creators. To be featured in the same place as Katherena Vermette, who recently won the Governor General’s award, is pretty amazing. I feel very honored and proud to have my work shown at Neechi Commons.”

Deep Artistic Roots

Lisa Delorme Meiler

Lisa says that her life-long passion for the arts was cultivated by a family filled with artistic talent. “From musicians, songwriters, photographers, authors, woodworkers and artists, I grew up in a nurturing and creative environment and was encouraged to express myself artistically. My family and my life experiences have been the most powerful influences on my work and have shaped me as a painter.” From being influenced by artistic expression, this talented and passionate ACU’er has become an influence on those who experience her work. Lisa’s exhibit, Awakened Spirit, runs from January 14 to March 2 at Neechi Niche in Neechi Common, 865 Main Street Winnipeg. Lisa will also be giving an artist talk at the exhibit on Saturday, February 8. Both the exhibit and the talk are free to attend. If you would like more information about this exhibit or to see more of Lisa’s beautiful and inspiring art, visit her website at

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