ACU and B Corp — We’re in good company!

Update from ACU, July 2021

ACU has been named a Best For The World B Corp in the categories of Governance and Customers, who are the member-owners of the credit union. This ranks ACU in the top 5% of all B Corps for our sustainable business practices in these categories!

What exactly do these achievements mean?

The governance achievement reflects our credit union’s success in fully integrating our vision, mission, values, and purpose into all aspects of who we are and what we do. The customer achievement demonstrates we are living out our commitment to our members and their quality of life.

See the full news release for more details.

Imagine thousands of businesses not only striving to be the best in the world — but the best for the world. Imagine they were all committed to the same values and outcomes, locally and globally, where every company was fully transparent about their operations and impact, and accountable for results. And imagine some of these companies were located right here in your community.

This is the Benefit Corporation (B Corp) movement — and ACU recently became a proud member.

Receiving this prestigious certification, ACU has joined in the B Corp movement with over 270 Canadian companies, including five other Manitoban businesses, in their commitment “to be a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.”

For ACU, this is an intrinsic part of our purpose as an industry leader, a top employer and a global leader at using business as a force for good. As a company owned by Manitobans, invested in the local economy, committed to strengthening our communities and building climate resilience, we are extremely proud of such an accomplishment. Here’s what it means for you as a member.

How B Corp ranks companies

B Corp Certification is “the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.” Using a rigorous 200-point framework, it measures five categories: governance, employees, community (including our local economy), environment and customers (ACU’s member-owners). The end result reveals which areas businesses are strong and where they can improve.

It isn’t easy to get certified, as B Corp requires at least 80 points to be certified. For those businesses who complete the assessment, the median score is only 50.9 — demonstrating the challenge of earning a ‘passing grade.’ And for those companies who earn their certification, the median score is still only 89.

ACU and B corp

How ACU ranked 6th in the world!

ACU earned a score of over 166.4 — currently the highest score in all of Canada and ranks 6th in the world! Among over 3,300 Certified B Corps in over 70 nations around the world, this is an exceptional achievement. You can see all the details of the ACU score here.

Here is how ACU contributed to each category:

Governance: This assessment looks at a business’s transparency and accountability. As a credit union, ACU is fully transparent and accountable through annual reporting, and we integrate our commitment to values-based banking in all aspects of governance and business operations.

Employees: This section includes a review of our compensation and wage, benefits, training and education, and workplace culture. Our strength in this area was exemplified through our recognition as one of Manitoba’s Top Employers.

Community: This area includes donations, volunteering, financial empowerment initiatives, diversity and inclusion, engagement in reconciliation, as well as investments in the local economy and social impact finance including affordable housing.


Environment: This assessment includes a business’s environmental products and services. ACU’s years of commitment through policies, programs and employee engagement in building climate resilience reduced our credit union’s environmental impact in becoming carbon neutral. We were recognized for these actions for the seventh consecutive year as one of Canada’s Green Employers.

Members: Our customers collectively own our company, which means our core purpose is focused on providing the advice and service you need as a member-owner of this financial co-operative.

What other companies are B Corp certified?

B Corp™ Certified Companies

Assiniboine Credit UnionDanone CanadaPatagonia
ManoverboardBullfrog PowerKickstarter
Manitoba Harvest Hemp FoodsHootsuiteKlean Kanteen
MomentaMuskoka Roastery Coffee Co.WeTransfer
Relish New Brand ExperiencesFrank and OakBen & Jerry’s
Frontiers North AdventuresOcean BrandsSeventh Generation
Search all companies here

How does B Corp Certification set ACU apart?

Being B Corp certified means being the employer of choice for top talent looking for an inspiring workplace with a greater sense of purpose. Employees become more engaged and excited to be contributing to an organization with goals of greater good. This also keeps the team motivated to ensure focus on members’ financial well-being, while also building community and contributing to environmental health.

B Corp Certification also means being the financial institution of choice for those looking to make sure their money is responsibly invested and is actively doing good.

When you choose to bank with ACU, you are working to build community and the local economy, investing in climate resilience, committed to social and economic justice, reducing poverty and inequities and celebrating diversity in all its forms. As a member of ACU, you’re also making sure your investments are ethical and using social finance to support community organizations and affordable housing.

Standing by ‘Money doing more’

ACU - Money doing more

With ACU, your money is doing more for you — more for our communities and more for our planet. Choosing to do business with a B Corp means that your money is supporting a company that focuses on your well-being from a holistic perspective. There is no doubt that the B Corp Certification is extremely aligned with ACU’s values and objectives.

At ACU, we’re all very proud of this collective accomplishment and are excited to join this global movement using business as a force for good.

Not an ACU member yet? Join over 125,000 Manitobans in the B Corp movement. Visit to learn more.

About Brendan Reimer

Brendan is Assiniboine’s Strategic Partner of Values-Based Banking. As the former Manitoba Regional Director at the Canadian CED Network, member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, former board member at LITE and former member of ACU’s Board of Directors, Brendan is a passionate educator and organizer dedicated to creating inclusive, fairer, and more sustainable economies and communities.

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