ACU Employee Spotlight: Get to know our Mobile Mortgage Specialists

The ACU Employee Spotlight series features some of the many people that work at the credit union, highlighting how their unique roles help members and the community every day.

In this ACU employee spotlight, we talk to three of our talented Mobile Mortgage Specialists, Mackenzie Ngo, Echo Lou and Lovepreet Mann. 

In this unique role, our mortgage experts can meet members where it’s convenient, not just at a branch location, saving valuable time and money.

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Each of ACU’s Mobile Mortgage Specialists brings their unique expertise to the role. Mackenzie has a deep understanding of the intricacies of homebuying, credit and lending practices in the competitive Manitoba housing market. Echo specializes in helping newcomers and students find the right mortgage, and can provide advice in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Likewise, Lovepreet specializes in homebuying, credit and lending practices and can deliver service in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Read on to learn more about a day in the lives of the people in this valuable role, and how they are helping ACU members meet their homeownership dreams.

Getting to know Mackenzie Ngo:

Mackenzie Ngo, Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Describe a “day in the life” as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist:

Mackenzie: In my role, I travel around Winnipeg to all our ACU branches to meet with existing members and new members. You’ll often see me with a large cup of coffee, working on a mortgage application at my computer. Every day is always different, as I get the opportunities to work with local realtors, lawyers, ACU staff, members, and new clients.

What is your favourite part of working at ACU?

Mackenzie: I love working with ACU staff. We are all working toward an essential purpose, so working together is seamless. My day is filled with big smiles, warm greetings and chats. The culture is like no other!

What does “money doing more” mean to you?

Mackenzie: Money doing more means achieving your dreams — whether you’re saving up to buy a home, investing for your retirement or planning to travel around the world.

Get in touch with Mackenzie today!

P: 204-296-8574


Getting to know Echo Lou:

Echo Lou, Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Describe a “day in the life” as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist:

Echo: In my daily work, I promote ACU in the Asian community. I work with many newcomer families who want to become more familiar with how credit unions function in Canada.

The challenge is helping my clients understand who we are and what we do for our members, our community, and society. They appreciate that we strive to meet their financial needs but also work together to help make our community a better place.

What is your favourite part of working at ACU?

Echo: I appreciate how ACU participates in many volunteer events to help our community. I contribute to the Winnipeg Canadian Immigrant Newcomer Fair, an annual event that helps immigrants and refugees make connections in the city. The fair welcomes new residents and connects them with important resources. As ACU’s representative, I greet participants and chat with them about financial advice and our services.

Get in touch with Echo today!

P: 204.227.9167


Looking for rewarding career opportunities at ACU?

Why would you encourage people to become an ACU member?

Echo: We always put members’ needs first. For example, with mortgage interest rates going up, income qualifications are following. It’s a good time for members to think about what they can afford and if they’re ready to buy. If they’re not ready, we can help them save or invest towards their goals.

Ultimately, we provide realistic advice tailored to every member’s needs to help them succeed financially.

Why would you encourage people to work at ACU in particular?

Echo Lou: ACU is a great place to work! In fact, we have been recognized as one of Manitoba’s Top Employers for many years.

As a visible minority, I know the importance of an organization that values diversity and inclusion. And, while we’re meeting our members’ financial needs, we’re doing good things for our community, our environment and our future.

Getting to know Lovepreet Mann:

Lovepreet Mann, Mobile Mortgage Specialist

Describe a “day in the life” as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist:

Lovepreet: A day in my life can range from thrilling to challenging; Mobile Mortgage Specialists are independent and have to leverage a lot of self-motivation. I make my schedule based on my clients’ needs, and my last appointment can happen as late as 8 p.m. 

My day is filled with reviewing applications and mortgage documents, talking with lawyers and realtors, and — best of all — meeting with new and old clients to discuss their dreams and goals for their future.

What is your favourite part of working at ACU?

Lovepreet: My favourite part of working at ACU is my role. It’s a privilege to be such an integral part of our clients’ homebuying process. I always let my clients know we will always be there for them, even after the mortgage has closed.

Why would you encourage people to work at ACU in particular?

Lovepreet: Working at ACU, I have realized that the credit union’s policies are designed to benefit the community and its members. What better place to call your financial institution than one that’s involved in your local community and has products tailored to local needs?

Get in touch with Lovepreet today!

P: 431.337.6800


ACU’s Mobile Mortgage Specialists can help you understand your options so you get a mortgage tailored to you. They can provide advice on your first mortgage, refinancing or transferring your mortgage to ACU. And since they’re mobile, they can come to you—with all the advice, tools and expertise you’d expect, including our 120-day rate guarantee.

Get mobile mortgage advice today!

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