ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Brian McIvor

The ACU Employee Spotlight series features some of the many people that work at the credit union, highlighting how their unique roles help members and the community every day.

ACU's Indigenous Leadership Circle

In this ACU Employee Spotlight, we talk to Brian McIvor, Regent Branch Manager. As a member of the Indigenous Leadership Circle (ILC) at ACU, Brian helps lead ACU’s reconciliation journey through leadership, knowledge, awareness and resources.

As a branch manager, Brian works closely with his team, guiding them towards their personal, professional and shared goals. Each day involves planning, credit adjudication, one-on-one meetings and observational coaching.

Brian loves the variety each day brings, and finds his role very fulfilling. In particular, he values leading team members toward success. This gives him a great sense of accomplishment, especially when that success is shared amongst ACU members.

ACU's Indigenous Leadership Circle

Read on as we learn more about the path Brian took to become Branch Manager and his advice for others interested in a similar career.

Getting to know Brian McIvor:

Q: How long have you worked at ACU?

I’ve been with ACU 23 years as of April.

Q: How did you get started in the financial industry?

In high school, I gravitated towards courses that put me on the path for a career in the Financial Industry. Upon graduation, I attended an Indigenous-focused business course, which helped me get my career in the Financial Industry started.

ACU's West Broadway Branch

Kicking off my career, I started as a member service representative, then moved to a Financial Service Representative and eventual Account Manager. After 10 years there, I was fortunate enough to be hired at ACU to open the West Broadway Branch as Branch Manager. Along the way, I had a lot of great managers who helped guide me towards my long-term goals.

Q: How has your role evolved since you started?

The financial services industry is constantly changing. We have to keep pace to remain competitive and continue offering top-notch products to our members. As a credit union, we evolve with these changes and support our teams as they adapt.

When I started as a branch manager, our processes were highly paper-based and members needed to meet with an advisor one-on-one in an office to apply for credit. That’s changed quite a lot today. We now process loan applications via phone or video meetings, and when members are ready to sign, they use e-signatures. We have evolved and recognize that our members need these digital options.

Q: How have you seen members make improvements in their financial lives?

I’ve worked with many members over my years at ACU, and at times I receive nice messages and thank you emails for the support I provided.

One particular member had significant credit issues when I first met him. We helped him rebuild his credit and got him in a better financial position—in time, even pre-approving him for a mortgage.

Today, he owns a beautiful home and has substantial savings in place for retirement. He often drops by the branch to bring me coffee and always mentions our first meetings some 20 years ago and how much our help has meant to him.

Helping others kickstart their careers:

Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in a job like yours?

In all jobs, it’s important to recognize what you want to achieve, and then be open to advice and direction. Seek a mentor who can help you understand and experience first-hand what the role entails.

Don’t be afraid to be transparent about your career. We’re often surrounded by great leaders—but it is our responsibility to seek out their direction and constantly ask for feedback.

Looking for rewarding career opportunities at ACU?

Q: Why would you encourage people to work at ACU in particular?

ACU is very much like a family. From one branch or department to another, we are all striving toward the common goal of providing a stellar member experience. ACU has a very strong workplace culture focused on supporting every individual and our shared values.

We are more than just profit-driven — we are truly a community-focused organization. ACU supports and accepts its employees, as shown by the growth of our employee-led initiatives such as the Indigenous Leadership Circle, Pride and Black History committees, to name a few.

The future of our community

Q: What excites you about the positive changes happening in our community?

I love the multiculturalism of our city and how ACU embraces this. It’s a great thing to see and be involved with.

Q: What does “Money doing more” mean to you?

We are a financial institution, but our values focus on people, planet and prosperity. We live our motto everyday and it’s the foundation of how we operate.

By putting our focus on the individual members we work with — actually speaking to them and listening — we are helping to ensure their financial futures. We also work with non-profit organizations throughout the city. The workforce at ACU aims to reflect and support the diversity of our city and our country.

Get advice that aligns with your values.

To speak with Brian, or any other member of ACU, call us at 204.958.8588 (toll-free at 1.877.958.8588) or book an appointment online. Visit this page to learn more about career opportunities at ACU.

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